You want to automate your technique ?

IDC20 is your solution !


iLsa has developed a new solution providing a consistent, reproducible mono-cell smear quality with unparalleled ease of reading at an unbeatable price !



For whom ?

All laboratories handling between 5 and 400 slides a day.


What results ?

The machine's double centrifuge and integrated turbidity reading system produce a consistent, single-cell reproducible smear.

Thanks to its scant cellular smear and mucus detection systems, IDC20's smear process repeat rate is less than 2%, making it one of the most robust machines on the market.


Do I need specialist staff to use the machine ?

No. Your technician only requires one hour of training.

The machine can be controlled via a touch screen with a simple interface.

What about security ?

The use of disposable tips prevents and cross-contamination.

A bar-code sample management system prevents the risk of human error.

The automatic system is an essential element in your NF EN 15189 certification.

What if HPV becomes the primary test ?

The machine architecture and our flexible contracts mean that this issue can be addressed as from now.


How does the machine work ?

  1. The samples and slides are identified and loaded on the machine.
  2. A gradient liquid is placed on the slides.
  3. After the bar code has been checked, IDC20 uses a disposable tip to take a 1 ml sample and determine its cell density.
  4. It places the required quantity on the slide.
  5. An initial centrifuge is engaged to smear the cells on to the slides. The gradient liquid is used to eliminate some of the undesirable elements (red corpuscles, dust, mucus, etc.).
  6. Once the supernatant has been evacuated, a second faster centrifuge process is engaged to fix the cells and dry the slide.
  7. The slides removed from the machine are ready for staining.



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What if there is a fault ?

iLsa designs and manufactures the instrumentation and the consumables (100% French made). iLsa's Besançon site stores all parts required for your device to be repaired within 48 hours..

A hotline puts your technician directly in contact with our customer service technicians for on-line troubleshooting or to make an appointment with you.




  • Full traceability from bottle to slide
  • First step towards NF EN 15189
  • Homogeneous and reproducible spots due to fully automated smear process
  • Mono-cell spots as a result of turbidity reading
  • No cross-contamination (use of disposable tips)
  • Compatible with various commercially available specimen bottles
  • 20 bottle batch
  • 100% French design and manufacture

Specifications :

Weight 75 kgs
Dimensions Width : 90 cm, Depth : 60 cm, Height : 40 cm
Capacity 20 bottle
Input 1 socket; 230 volts - 150 Watts
Marking IVD EC
GUI Touch-screen tablet



Chronologie de fonctionnement de l'iDC20


iDC20 reads the bar code to check the match between slide and specimen bottle.

No risk of error! Total traceability


If they match, iDC20 uses a disposable tip to draw 1 ml of liquid from the sample bottle (following re-suspension).

Disposable tip = no risk of contamination!


Turbidity is then determined in the disposable tip by infra-red sensors

Accurate cell concentration measurement !


Depending on the result, IDC20 adapts volume to ensure the correct quantity of cells is always present.

Standard cell concentration !


An initial slow centrifuge is engaged to spread the cells on the slide.

A consistent, single-cell slide quality !


Followed by evacuation via the disposable tip ensuring maximum elimination of impurities (mucus, membranes, blood, etc.).

Still no risk of contamination


A second faster centrifuge process fixes the cells to the slide and dries the slide.

Your slide is ready for staining !


For each slide, IDC20 records all operations performed - date, time, bar codes read, turbidity, user, etc.

IDC20 helps you achieve your NF EN 15189 certification!





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