You want to shake specimen bottles ?

iDC Shaker is for you !



iDC Shaker

Agitator for specimen bottles to separate heap of cells and to dissolve mucus, sources of defects of spreading by a vertical agitation.

Compact device with opening by the top. The iDC shaker can shake 40 specimen bottles simultaneously. Two trays are available for specimen bottles of diameters 26 and 36 mm

  • Very effective to obtain a homogeneous and fluid smear
  • Easy to use : one single button to start …. That’s it
  • Fast : only 2 minutes of agitation
  • Adaptable to various size of specimen bottles


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Specifications :

Size LxPxH : 38cm x 44cm x 34cm
Weight 45 Kg
Capacity 40 specimen bottles
Type of specimen bottle 36 ou 26 mm diameter
CE Mark CE