You require a specific device to penetrate your market or you wish to complete your instrumentation range



You want to your instrument, complete, checked, packaged, delivered and ready for dispatch to your customer
You are looking for complementary skills to sub-contract manufacture of a specific sub-assembly, yet maintaining overall control over production

Our workshops and organisation (ERP integrated) are set up for cellular and/or lean manufacturing. We can take care of the entire production process and deliver your instrumentation in accordance with the requirements of ISO 13485. Our spare parts and customer service department ensures long-term durability of your products.


In the case of sub-unit production, we handle all constraints and interfaces associated with the rest of the instrument, producing units that meet your target price.


Sub-assemblies are delivered, tested and checked and ready to be fitted to your instrumentation as plug and play units. Delivery is just in time to meet your own production fluctuations. You reap the benefit of our excellence in the micro-mechanics field, honed for seamless integration into your own specific solutions.



Our plastics processing unit features injection presses, some of which are connected by laminar flow to an ISO7 class clean room. Introduction of clean-room automation has facilitated integration of additional functions, such as laser engraving, tampography, packaging and labelling, etc.


The facility is ISO 9001 certified to guarantee traceability, as required for medial and in-vitro diagnostic devices.