You want to automate your technique ?

IDC20 is your solution !


iLsa has developed a new solution providing a consistent, reproducible mono-cell smear quality with unparalleled ease of reading at an unbeatable price !


Automate your special staining

PAINT CELL is made to automate your special staining, time consuming, hand-made in your laboratory.

The number of Tank and their volume are sized to minimize cost.

iLSA made PAINT CELL as a minimalist and constraint-free automate : open to any stains, no maintenance contract. The touch-screen tablet allow you to create and easily launch your staining :

  1. Load slides and tanks
  2. Choose the staining
  3. Click on the 'Color' button

That's it !

This automate is A4-sized !





Specifications :

  Paint Cell 10 Paint Cell 4
Diameter 25 cm 20cm
Height 22 cm
Weight 2.9 Kgs 2.5 Kgs
Control By touchscreen tablet

7 filling bottles.
1 automated rinsing bottle

70ml 40ml