ILSA is a key player in the field of laboratory instrumentation for in-vitro diagnostics, biotechnology and the food and beverage and environmental sectors.


iLsa has the benefit of over 40 years of experience in these fields; it comprises two divisions, iLsa Manufacturing and iLsa Diagnostics.

  • iLsa Manufacturing designs and manufactures instrumentation and plastic consumables for In-Vitro Diagnostic clients and enjoys partnerships the major distributors - more than 10,000 instruments are in service worldwide. RFID technology, providing data collection and traceability, completes iLsa's business lines.

  • iLsa Diagnostics is directly present in the international laboratory market with two major innovations :
    • A unique and comprehensive biological specimen preservation system (blood, samples, etc.), 3S Safe Sampling System, making iLsa the leader in the sample storage bank market
    • A range of cytology products, associated with IDC 20, a device designed for cervical cancer and infectious disease screening