Fabricant d'Instruments et de consommables plastiques pour laboratoire



With 40 years of experience, ILSA has partnerships with major distributors, and over 10,000 instruments have already been installed world-wide. iLsa's multi-disciplinary team is committed to work with you right from the feasibility study through to volume production of the instruments and clean-room manufactured plastic consumables.

iLsa has two design and production sites :                                         

  • one in Besançon, the heart of the traditional watch-making and instrumentation micro-technologies, ISO 13485 certified (Medical devices)
  • the other, in the Paris region, dedicated to plastic consumables manufacture, ISO 9001 ceritified. This site includes an automated clean room with laser engraving, tampography, RFID tag encapsulation facilities


iLsa strikes the right balance between industrial excellence, innovation and cost efficiency




iLsa combines medical device and plastic consumables design and manufacture to cover the full range of its customers' markets


iLsa iLsa has all the technical and human resources required to offer its customers cutting-edge solutions developed by its multi-disciplinary expert teams in accordance with exacting regulations (EC/IVD-compliant) and delivered within the earliest possible timescales. iLsa's customers can choose modules from its catalogue to guarantee swift development (XYZ or ZTeta robotic arms, liquid handling, centrifuges, table rotation modules, etc.…).

Our aim is to offer our customers a full range of services covering all automated laboratory system life cycles, plus the associated consumables. At every stage in the process, we guarantee the most stringent quality, reliability, ergonomic and design standards at the lowest possible production cost.

Our workshops and organisation (ERP-integrated) are set up to facilitate cellular manufacturing and/or lean manufacturing processes.

Our plastics processing unit is equipped with injection presses, some of which are connected by laminar flow to an ISO7 class clean room. Introduction of automated processes to our clean room has allowed us to integrate additional functions, such as laser engraving, tampography, packaging and labelling, etc.


On average, iLsa develops 1 or 2 new cutting-edge instruments and 2 sub-assemblies a year. Several hundred instruments and thousands of sub-assemblies are manufactured each year.

At present, iLsa is developing projects in the imagery and scanner fields.

iLsa is also at the forefront of plastics processing, developing new plastic parts each year for use with its automated systems or for other purposes.

In 2015, several millions of plastic parts were injection-moulded in iLsa's clean room facility at Saint-Ouen-L'Aumône.