iLsa Diagnostic has automated the reference method that led to the development of liquid cytology technology, namely CENTRIFUGATION.


iLsa Diagnostic has improved this centrifugation reference method by bringing several innovations to increase the quality of smears and thus facilitate manual or scanner reading, make diagnosis safer, secure the process of getting slides, automate to streamline operations and save operator time.

First of all, the quality of the spreading of samples on slides :

- No cell clusters, clear cell separation without deformation, homogeneous due to double centrifugation process :

o A first centrifugation at low speed brings the cells closer to the slide. This provides a clean slide background (no blood, fewer polynuclear cells, fewer bacteria and mucus), better visualization of the cells needed for diagnosis and reduces the number of unsatisfactory tests.

o A second, faster centrifugation allows the final fixing of the cells and the drying of the slide, without cell deformation.

- Monolayer and reproductible spot (identical cell concentration on the slide irrespective of the sample concentration)


iLsa Diagnostic is designer and manufacturer of its instruments and consumables

Flexibility to adapt its products to market evolution

Reactivity, to quickly answer to its customers


iLsa Diagnostic present two instruments :

iDC 20, device for cytology laboratories up to 50.000 tests / year.

Cell Expert for laboratories from 40.000 tests /year.